Well we feel like dancing every night but that’s not what we are on about (LoL). We are talking about ‘drum roll’ THE AMERIACN APPARREL DISCO PANTS!

It is a million looks in one, evening and daytime combined whatever you feel like that is why we are getting a piece of this in our ever growing clothes collection. (YIPEEEE ;-)) The disco pants is a form fitting high waisted stretch pants. It creates a faltering figure for all shapes. It definitely reminded us of the hot black outfit Sandy Olsen (played by Olivia Newton John) wore in grease in the last carnival scene. Which still makes us say ‘HOT CHICA!’

From the 80’s to now, we don’t see this trend ever dying, but how could one resist these FAB trousers. Let’s check out the disco pants and we will give you the fab info of where to purchase one from.

You can purchase this from asos at £70 and American apparel for £70 as well.

This gorgeous disco pants also comes in a variation of colours black, red, caramel, Imperial purple, Midnight Navy, Deep peacock and Charcoal.

We also can get these lovely trousers at a much lower price.

Now we are going to experiment on the various looks you can achieve with these amazing disco pants!

All black look

Casual look

Denim look

Smart evening look

WOW these looks are just simply gorgeous and you can recreate these looks with the different colours to match the different coloured disco pants.

Let’s check out the celebs that have rocked out in these HOT DISCO PANTS.

How can we not love these looks, so edgy and cool! TWINS APPROVAL WE LOVE <3.

Let us know other versatile ways to wear the HOT DISCO PANTS ;-).

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx Mwah




Yes you’ve seen it on the coolest chicas, on the trendiest people, YES WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE JEFFERY CAMPBELL LITA! It is soooooo cool and can be incorporated in everyone’s look regardless of your individual style it is unbelievable. Sometimes we see people in such great pieces but we know it will definitely conflict with our personal style, but for some reason the Lita ankle boots never clashes it just compliments… we love TWINS APPROVAL <3!

The combination of the 5 inch wood heel and the simple leather structure boots makes this so irresistible. Let’s not forget the fact it is also a platform heel making it very easy to walk in, DON’T YOU JUST LOVE IT! There are over 66 styles to choose from which is best suited to your style.

We are going to show you our favourite pieces ❤

We love these styles so different but versatile.

Jeffery Campbell Lita

(left to right top row)

Pink Suede bootie, Pewter Glitter bootie, Spike bootie.

(left to right bottom row)

Black bootie, Blue Mesh bootie, Tan bootie.


OfficeSolestruck and Farfetch.

Let’s see similar style shoes at a lower price tag 😉

(left to right)                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Jenine suede studded Platform Shoe boots black £49.99 (missguided.co.uk)

Kolett lace up suede Shoe boots black £40.99 (missguided.co.uk)

Poulena leather lace up Shoe boots black £40.99 (missguided.co.uk)

Just a great replica where you can still rock out in town like a true fashionista! 😉 There are plenty more options at missguided.co.uk JUST FABULOUS!  >>>>>CLICK HERE!

Let’s enjoy the Celebrities in their LUSH LITA’S

We just love these shoes it is definitely a MUST HAVE IN YOUR COLLECTION!

PURE GLAM. Hope our lovelies will rock out in a pair of Lita’s soon 😉 and incorporate it in your own style.

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx Mwah


When The Haute Frugalista asked us for some outfit ideas to an event, we just couldn’t resist sharing these ideas with her and our lovelies. With an event fully loaded with fashionista’s in MIAMI …. (LUSH) we definitely have to offer the outfit  ideas at a TOP NOTCH LEVEL …. lol.

Let’s have a look at the ideas and I hope our girl will get alot of inspiration from this…..


When Balmain (spring summer 2012 collection) stepped out onto the runway with this divine gold skirt we agreed this look was a MUST HAVE IN OUR WARDROBE. It isn’t your typical outfit but it is definitely a head turner and statement maker.


Pastels are so in especially anything with mint green so why not set a trend alert at a fashionista’s event. This look can also be worn as a daytime look as well as evening, so this will definitely be worth the money.


Or how about being daring in an all white tailored look, you will definelty be adding a touch of glamour and bringing along with you that MIAMI glow ;-)….. we totally adore this look!

We hope this look has inspired your outfit options Haute Frugalista, just always remember to stick on trend and stay positive and fly ;-). You’ll definitely have no problems. (Cyber hug)

This piece was especially dedicated to The Haute Frugalista, and to others who have to make that dreaded decision. ;-)!

Let us know what you think about the gorgeous pieces, or give us some more trendy pieces to wear our lovelies.

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx Mwah


When we saw these diamante heels any shoe lover would of ripped their hair out once they acknowledged the price tags :-(. We’ve been waiting for heels exactly like this but at affordable prices, where do we hear you ask?

We’ve been looking for high street brands which execute the bling factor so well that you still feel like a star, as it bedazzles. Well look no further!


Tell us what you thought was your favourite high street version (in the comment box below).

We hope that sparkle reignites that bounce in our lovelies walk ;-).

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah

A Symbol Of Wealth: The Birkin Bag

The Birkin bag is named after the English actress and singer Jane Birkin, and due to its high prices, desirability and hard to acquire factor, it surely represents wealth.

A little history…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birkin_bag#cite_note-3


In 1981, Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas was seated next to Jane Birkin on a flight from Paris to London. She had just placed her straw bag in the overhead compartment of her seat, but the contents fell to the deck, leaving her to scramble to replace the contents. Birkin explained to Dumas that it had been difficult to find a leather weekend bag she liked. In 1984, he created a black supple leather bag for her,[2][3] based on an 1892 design. She used the bag for herself then later changed her mind, due to the fact that she was carrying too many things in it: “What’s the use of having a second one?” she laughs. “You only need one and that busts your arm; they’re bloody heavy. I’m going to have to have an operation for tendonitis in the shoulder.” [4] Nevertheless, the bag has since become an icon.

The bag has been renowned to have the longest waiting list of any accessory; Indeed the Birkin bag has had such an impact and strong demand that Hermès announced the retirement of the waiting list (April 2010) enabling the availability to all.

The Sizes available: 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 50cm and the shoulder bag. It’s made by a team of artisans in France and Italy.

The bag is considered as an everyday bag, the structured bag and simplicity enables the versatility of wear from morning to evening. The type of leather used allows the bag to always stay relevant and on trend whether it is minimal, animalia, Olympia etc. This bag always makes a BOLD statement!!

The types of leathers used:

  1. Calf

The origin is European, normally from the south of France. The leathers include togo, clemence taurillon, Epsom, fjord and veau swift.

The soft calf leathers are togo and clemence taurillon the leathers are textured hence has a peppbled feel resisting scratches. The clemence is the softest out of the two.





Hermés black togo bag




Veau swift leather is soft and presents an increased elegance and is less practical for everyday use due to its smooth finish.






Hermés black veau swift bag 32 cm


Epsom and fjord leathers are tougher and last longer. The Fjord leather is textured and has the same appearance as the togo and clemence, Epsom is lightly textured and forms patterned pebbles.







Hermés Birkin fjord leather









Hermés Birkin epsom leather



2. Lizard

These are more popular in Asia and the USA; they normally come in small sizes (25cm) hence falls under the evening bag category.












Hermés Birkin lizard. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!!


3. Ostrich

They are normally produced in the 30cm size range and the dots are equally spaced cross the handbag.












Hermés Birkin ostrich.


4. Crocodile and Alligator

This style which is the most desired and expensive piece, can sell up to £100,000. Hence why the style is seen as a collector’s item. Only customers that show their loyalty to the brand are able to get the opportunity to purchase the piece but may even be waiting for at least 3 years.

The two types of crocodile are the nilocitus and the porosus. The nilocitus originates from Somalia, and the porosus from Northern Australian. Porosus are seen to have the exclusivity factor and holds the most value in selling price.











Hermés Birkin matte amethyst crocodile













Hermés Birkin porosus crocodile gold hardware.



The bags come in either matte or shiny finishes. However the matte is more volatile in water.












Hermés Birkin matte alligator


Alligator originates from the United States and are less expensive in comparison to the crocodiles. The scales are different but only an expert will be able to differentiate this detail.

The common metalware in use is silver palladium however mature customers only opt for Gold.











Hermés Birkin black gold hardware



Birkin bags will always remain relevant due to the quality of this product, and it will also hit the headlines such as this article :-D…

>>>>SEE THIS!!!<<<<

Celeb Birkin Spotting:



















Olivia Palerno with her gorgeous tan Birkin.



















Kimora Lee Simmons beautifully pulled off this blue Birkin.



















Victoria Beckham a huge fan of the Birkin sporting one of her many.



















Kim Kardashian looking fab with her fav accessory!!

What Birkin is your favourite? Let us know what you think in the comment box below….

Thanks so much … and as always stay loyal our beautifuls!! Xxxx Mwah

We’ve Been Nominated For 2 Blogger Awards!!

Thank you so much to


for thinking of us and nominating our blog for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ Award and ‘One Lovely Blog’ Award. We are so beyond humbled and excited to be sharing this journey with such wonderful bloggers and people. TWINS APPROVAL ❤ ….. we LOVE DELIGHTED ,




The rules for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award are:

*Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
*Share 7 things about yourself
*Nominate 15 bloggers you admire
*Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

Seven things about us!

*We are identical twin sisters 😉
*We want to start a fashion styling group and then fashion line.
*We love the colour PINK.
*We both have a degree in mathematics NERDY LOL.
*Our favourite movie is TIME TRAVELLERS WIFE.
*Our favourite cars are an Audi TT and new Range Rover (Victoria Beckham inspired).
*Obsessed with anything fashion and there is NO CURE LOL.

Here are our 15 blogs, I wish I could have nominated more, but gotta follow the rules!

We really appreciate being nominated thanks alot haute frugalista 😉 ….HUG!

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxx Mwah
















Enjoy your day lovelies we wanted to vote more but we can only vote 15.

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It existed in society before we can remember and returned in the 80’s, but it has finally arrived to the new era with a modern day FLARE. Ladies and gentlemen we are talking about the trend PEPLUM! It allows you to feel conscious free and merry in this year’s spring/summer and the best thing is you are STILL ON TREND ;-).

Fashion has improved its versatility once again, the Peplum trend can be worn for a night out, to the office, for a dinner celebration and so on. The options are endless! It is undoubtedly a feminine touch to pieces. The touch of the design will allow your waist to appear smaller and emphasize on all your right curves, BRILLIANT without doing all the hard work.


Can’t wait to see the beautiful pieces from the catwalk and the high streets EXCITED:

Peplum Dresses Catwalks

Peplum Dresses High street

Peplum Tops Catwalks

Peplum Tops High street

More Peplum Catwalks

More Peplum High street

Celebs in Peplum ;-)!

WOOOOWWW TWINS APPROVAL WE LOVE ALL LOOKS <3. The peplum honestly does raise up the stakes in fashion and definitely gives that feminine touch, which all the celebs demonstrate in their looks. Sex appeal is there but in a classy mannerism.

As Coco Chanel said  – A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous.

We’ve given a variety of looks, however the market is going crazy for PEPLUM (even detachable pieces) this is just a few examples there are many more in the world of PEPLUM. The only thing left is to feel CLASSY AND FABULOUS! ;-D.

BTW we’ve missed our beautifuls had a few hectic days but we’re still here ;-)!

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah