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When The Haute Frugalista asked us for some outfit ideas to an event, we just couldn’t resist sharing these ideas with her and our lovelies. With an event fully loaded with fashionista’s in MIAMI …. (LUSH) we definitely have to offer the outfit  ideas at a TOP NOTCH LEVEL …. lol.

Let’s have a look at the ideas and I hope our girl will get alot of inspiration from this…..


When Balmain (spring summer 2012 collection) stepped out onto the runway with this divine gold skirt we agreed this look was a MUST HAVE IN OUR WARDROBE. It isn’t your typical outfit but it is definitely a head turner and statement maker.


Pastels are so in especially anything with mint green so why not set a trend alert at a fashionista’s event. This look can also be worn as a daytime look as well as evening, so this will definitely be worth the money.


Or how about being daring in an all white tailored look, you will definelty be adding a touch of glamour and bringing along with you that MIAMI glow ;-)….. we totally adore this look!

We hope this look has inspired your outfit options Haute Frugalista, just always remember to stick on trend and stay positive and fly ;-). You’ll definitely have no problems. (Cyber hug)

This piece was especially dedicated to The Haute Frugalista, and to others who have to make that dreaded decision. ;-)!

Let us know what you think about the gorgeous pieces, or give us some more trendy pieces to wear our lovelies.

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx Mwah



We love this trend it will still be relevant in the next generation, meaning we get to RECYCLE some things YAYYY! White is BOLD, GUTSY, and it will never leave you unnoticed. For the summer you would definitely enter the room with a GLOW ;-). Keep the all white look simple with a pop of colour through the accessories, the key in making this look work. We really love this trend for the spring summer 2012 however you have to ensure that you are clean all day, but nevertheless FASHION IS FASHION.

This season the all white look has been injected with femininity more than the usual, no wonder it is appealing a huge lot to us this year. We still get to combine these looks with the usual tailored pieces we get in all white looks. CHIC!

Let’s have a look at the catwalks and who carried this look to perfection, and also see what white looks we can find through the high streets.

Feminine white pieces on the catwalk

Feminine white pieces in the high street

We just love how flirty the pieces combined looked, SO FEMININE <3!

Tailored white pieces on the catwalk

Tailored white pieces in the high street

This look will really spice up your work wear regardless if the whole piece isn’t just white, it will certainly leave you some ideas. Love the look it shows you how to still look glam with tailored perfection! 😉


Celebs rocking the all white look

We love this all white look and all the celebs shows us how fabulous this look is! You have to be confident and daring to make this one work, but remember you will definitely have a summer glow. We can’t wait to get our self in an all white look, PURE BLISS!

Let us know what you love about the all white look 😉

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah




Star Stunners!!!


The Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Awards at the New York’s Lincoln Center just occurred and we have for you the red carpet stunners who took our breath away. There were so many beauties that wowed us with their exquisite gowns!!!! That we just couldn’t include them all on this blog L…. Fear not as we do have the great 8 stunners and HOTTTT high street bargains to coincide with these bargains!!


  • Julianne wowed the red carpet with this gorgeous plunging bold red gown by Kaufman Franco. The gorgeous drapes created a waterfall effect which mirrored the plunging neckline. The silver clasp in the middle of the dress emphasised the symmetry, very simple and flattering. Such a captivating look!!!!
  • We found this gorgeous orange number in aquabyaqua.com for any fashionistas out there to stun onlookers at any special event!!!! The fabulous gold belt centralises the attention to the plunge. The dramatic pleat in the middle of the gown gradually fades insinuating a slender frame!!

  • Solange Knowles looked very flirty and summery at the fashion awards. She definitely was inspired by the decade dressing trend. Fabulous!!! The white line focuses on the middle of the dress therefore producing a slimming look effect.
  • We’ve found you a gorgeous floral lace dress which hits all of the right notes for the summer. The solid band centralises the dress and adds shape. FAB!!!

  • The twins not only won an award but were sure winners on the red carpet. The floor length satin gowns addled elegance and quality on the red carpet. Mary- Kate’s gown increased drama with the belt effect whilst Ashley had the waterfall drapes down the center of the dress.
  • This gorgeous sequinned embellished dress was brought in with this stunning gold belt!!!!!


  • Doutzen Kroes wowed onlookers with this stunning Sophie Theallet gown. The gown details including the dots, plunging neck line; sheer dress added that extra umph of sexiness.
  • This gown is so sleek n slender n screams glamour!!!


  • This geometric dress Hilary arrived in had us ohhing n ahhing. She pulled off this look so effortlessly; the dress split and cut out details produced a slimming effect whilst adding a touch of femininity and sultriness.
  • We found a party dress that definitely was inspired by Hilary … this is GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Joan Smalls Stunned in this gorgeous white dress, she looked elegant and flawless. It’s very slimming and well-tailored adding that elegant feel.
  • We found this stunning pleat dress that will get you right in the mood for summer.


  • Loved this look on Candice very flirty and classical. The pastel blue softened the lace and produced an ultra girly look.
  • We found a gorgeous copy of the Valentino’s dress by Lipsy which we completely adore. It’s fabulous and such a great copy. WE LOVEEEE!!!!!

  • Our favourite look of the night by far Zoe pulled out all of the stops with this daring number, the sheer elements dramatises the looks and the triangular shapes created around the plunge line intensifies this look. This look was soooo JAW –DROPPING!!!!!!
  • This asos piece was sooo fabulous and we love the use of sequins and the sheer material what a great combination. This is surely a piece to get you noticed in!!!!!!



Let us know what pieces you loved below!!!


As always stay loyal our beautifuls!!!! Xxxx Mwah






Last night (3rd June) was the night where all fashion graces met on the red carpet. We loved the looks on the red carpet, there was such a huge variety of looks to pick from which ticked the right box. Delighted with the choices, as it only gave us fabulous ideas for our wardrobe. What women won’t be delighted in a room full of LAVISH GARMENTS…. PURE BLISS ;-).

The award show was great as usual at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles and here is the link if you’re desperate to find out the winners. MTV WINNERS!

Now back to the best part let’s check out our best looks of the night and tips on how to RECREATE these looks … JUICY!

Kat Graham

She looked sensational in the Maria Lucia Hohan seductive black gown, with the gorgeous drapes installed at the right places. The long slit and the deep v neck definitely replicated her edgy role in the vampire diaries. TWINS APPROVAL WE LOVE <3.

Replicate this gorgeous number

Love these pieces you will definitely feel like an A-list, GORGEOUS!

Holland Roden

This gorgeous mini was simply divine, when she arrived on the red carpet in this sexy piece by Mandalay, we were like where can we get a dress like that! The teen wolf star never disappointed at all it put sex appeal on a whole new level with the body hugging mini. The composition of the sheer material encrusted with gorgeous glittery design and capped sleeves, she left us in awe! AWESOME LOOK Holland ;-).

Let’s see how to replicate this sexy look

Love this look TWINS APPROVAL <3.

Julianne Hough

Trend alert, this head to top lace piece was just ON STYLE! She looked amazing as she bared her toned midriff in the cut out dress. The bottom part also offered a slight peplum, which only exaggerated this look to perfection. The dress was by Sally LaPointe, this look was pure GLAM!

The high street version

Such great pieces at good prices and all with your abs at show ;-).

Leighton Meester

J’adore her CHIC LOOK, always a trendsetter on gossip girl but to continue on the red carpet is just CHIC! We love this look, cute but classy, she executes this so well. She looks on trend with the all white look and printed top. ADORABLE LOOK! She was wearing Christian Cota, BRILLIANT LOOK!

Her chic look

We just love this!

Our favourite look for the night is two people who made it joint FIRST Kat Graham and Leighton Meester, go girls. They both executed their looks to perfection and looked absolutely FABULOUS. TWINS APPROVAL WE LOVE <3. We hope our selection of pieces makes you feel like an A-List!

What was your favourite looks of the night and why? ( leave in the comment box below)

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah


Charlize Theron looked like a shimmery mermaid, with the most natural makeup, her beauty definitely glowed at the premiere. Last night was the premiere of Prometheus in London Leicester Square in which stars in. The sequined midnight blue dress glowed on her skin, exaggerating her glow. The dress was a piece from Christian Dior Couture, who played on the underwater feel. She looked very alluring in the strapless mini, PERFECTION.

We agree with the choices of accessories being minimalistic, so that it won’t be too distracting of her. She effortlessly looks gorgeous almost like an illusion. She wore simple strappy black heels by Dior. With a simple bangle and cocktail ring and diamond studs just to complete the look. The dress also unveiled a hint of her leg with that magical split, absolutely RAVISHING. THUMBS UP CHARLIZE WE LOVE <3.

Recreating her look

Also in attendance was;

Naomi Rapace

She looked stunning in her all black sequined gown, she also stars in the movie which I am excited to see.

Salma Hayek

She accessorized this gorgeous purple embellished gown with a deep purple clutch and matching shoes. The look was great in terms of colour we loved it.


The premiere looks was so gorgeous and don’t forget to watch the film Prometheus which we have been anticipating for a while. TWINS LOVE <3! Just keeping our beautifuls updated with what’s going on, have a lovely day guys ;-).

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah




Accessories is ultimately the finishing touch to a piece, it makes people understand the message you are giving out through your outfit. It doesn’t only reflect a women’s style but your mood as well. That’s why it’s fundamental to select the right pieces of accessories to match your outfit and your mood.

But the vital key thing in making your look work is YOU ;-)!

We’re going to investigate the trends in which the catwalk brought to us this spring summer 2012, and also see whether celebs are rocking the current trend…CAN’T WAIT!

We love accessories without it on we ultimately will feel NAKED (LOL), hence the title of this post ‘GOING BANANAS FOR SOME ACCESSORIES’.

Let’s peep on some of the trends going on in fashion:

Floral Fantasy

The floral designs has definitely hijacked the runway and has now infected accessories YAAYYY ;-). Zac Posen, Mackage and Anna Sui are examples of how the designers effectively portrayed the floral accessories in their pieces. It’s great because the floral designs are very artistic and many designers composed the floral trend into their pieces it was very POPULAR. It gives you that feeling of walking in a field full of daisies, such a feminine touch pure BLISS.

Let’s see what the high street has for us 😉

We still will be able to sport this floral fantasy, because this look is available in our high street stores, Yaayyy ;-). Our favourite is the gold antique flower ring, SO LUSH!



The underwater theme was very popular on the catwalks and we can see why, the neutral feeling it gives is just unbelievable. This will suit a person who would want to stay relaxed and mellow all day, as the pieces is delicate, simple and soothing definitely gives you the underwater feel. Some designs replicated shells from the sea Like the Chanel necklace and clutch. Our favourite was Joy Cioci who executed the accessories to perfection, just brilliant!

Let’s see if we can find the underwater theme in our HOT shops;

We even love these pieces a little more, it is has a neutral feel to it very relaxing. WE LOVE <3. High street really replicated the underwater feeling very well. We couldn’t pick one favourite it was just too hard, so joint first is the pieces lisbeth bangles and the tear drop pendant, we’re ordering this ASAP!



Ethnic jewellery is gorgeous it always has a story to tell, if it’s not colourful, it’s wooden carved to perfection. It’s filled with so much culture and that’s how some of the designers were inspired through their travels around the world. An ethnic accessory will not disappoint as it will match so many pieces in your wardrobe or even bring it to life. Fantastic!

These designers Michael Kors, Mara Hoffman and Douglas Hannant executed their African inspirations well.

We’re just dying to see the ethnic pieces in the high street….CAN’T WAIT

Beautiful pieces that we saw online just great designs, with an afrocentric feel to it, we loved the vibrant colours which will instantly brighten and bring character to your outfit. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! It speaks for itself.


Layered Necklace

Necklaces worn in many layers are just brilliant, we always loved buying multi layer necklaces, to us it felt like more value for money. Tory Burch and Oscar de la Renta all executed layered necklaces and it looks so CHIC! One of our favourite pieces because you can wear it with almost anything. You could possibly wear different colours necklaces and match it, which will definitely brighten up your look.

Especially in our teens we were addicted to layered necklaces so were glad it’s back, it’s so CHIC ;-). Let see what the shops got in store for us.

So many options and variations to choose from, we absolutely love this and our favourite is the multi row pearl necklace, TWINS APPROVAL <3.



We love how the accessories does all the talking for each celeb, looks absolutely LUSH. (Really want a pair of Adrienne earrings!) We loved bringing you these new wonderful ideas to spice up your wardrobe.

Don’t forget the vital key thing in making your look work is YOU ;-)!

So as always stay loyal our Beautifuls xxxx mwah


Yes we are talking about that bohemian, free spirit look. Head jewellery! Head Jewellery has existed in our world for a long time, it was often worn as a sentimental piece. Really expressing affection of loved ones, as it was given as a token of affection. Sometimes it was a reminder of a loved one who passed away, AWWW HOW SWEET :-). This does explain why this look gives a free spirit feel. It is a beautifully designed piece of jewellery that shows a delicate touch of an individual.

The Asian community still use it alot in many of their lavish events. But quite a bit more celebrities have been spotted sporting this look for a while and can we say WE LOVE IT. It’s different, unique on each person it’s a creative expression which will definitely make you stand out.


Rhianna was spotted recently in London sporting the head piece look on the 19th May at Jay Z’s manager Ty Ty’s 40th birthday bash. She looked beautiful in her silver piece head wear which went well with her all black outfit.

We just loved this look so we searched for where you could get a similar head piece like Rhianna’s.

Here are the links to the website (Left to right)

Bohemian Crystal summer Gold 3-way Head chainPlatinum Linkz, and Jane Headpiece.

Hope these pieces satisfy your thirst ;-).

Alicia Keys

Alicia keys was spotted on March 6th at the Paris Fashion week looking exceptional at the Chanel Read-to-wear runway. The head piece speaks for itself, so her other accessories was minimalistic which complimented her black outfit. WE LOVE <3.

We just loved this look go Alicia.;-) let’s have a look at similar pieces:

Here are the links to the website (left to right)

Faux Pearl Austrian crystal amienette headpiece, Queen of Diamond, Morona, and Circular Target rainbow Austrian crystal amienette headpiece   


Nicole Richie

The boho chic looked exceptional last year September 8th at the Fashion’s Night Out event at Beverly Center in LA. This look was effortless to perfection, she matched the sparkling headpiece with her relaxed blond waves and simplistic makeup. Just utter LUSH ;-).

Let’s see if we can replicate Nicole’s look.

Here are the links to the website (left to right)

Rainbow silver Austrian crystal loop headpiece, The Movie star headband, Gold Digger, and Austrian crystal chunky silver headpiece

WOW great pieces!

Other celebs spotted rocking this boho chic look:

We utterly love this look, you can rock it almost anywhere like; a summer’s day out, events at night, at a wedding and at the beach the options are endless.

Let us know other fun places you could rock the headpieces at in the comment box below ;-).

BTW! Our hot favourite website for headpieces is http://www.lullabellz.com/ it has so many options at great prices!

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah.