Rihanna delighted us once again with one of her most sunny shoots yet! We adored her look (HAPPY SUITS YOU GIRL <3). The shoot was for her Vita Coco Campaign, the shots produced definitely make the look very eye catchy. Thanks to one of the greatest photographers Terry Richardson.

She also informed us how good the Vita Coco drink was and how it assisted her in getting back to shape.

Here’s what she told the Us Weekly

‘I wasn’t drinking enough water before, and I love coconut water. It hydrates me just as much as regular so it really started to affect my diet and the way my body was shaping up.’

Guys if you find it hard to drink alot of water (we can confess too lol) try the Vita Coco, so that we can stay hydrated most of the times ;-). IT WORKED FOR RIHANNA!

Let’s check out the photos:


She wore a matching outfit which was engulfed with tropical pineapples, representing her tropical relations BARBADOS ;-). She stayed on trend once again with the cropped top and hot pants (check out the blog on trends here Vampire Life) .We Loved her look, BRILLIANT!

Let’s see if we can replicate this tropical look:

1. Blue Palm tree Print Denim Waistcoat £30 and Hotpants £25.

2. Black Aztec Print Bralet £22 and Knicker Shorts £18.

3. White floral print Denim Waistcoat £30 and Hotpants £25.

WE ARE FEELING TROPICAL, well after that shoot! Love the pieces at the high street store simply LUSH. Our lovelies it looks like we should get are legs ready because this year’s trends are loving the LEGS <3.

If you see more great looks like Rihanna’s let us know! Or if you love her look keep us posted! (comment box below)

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah



  1. stylebaby105

    So stylish & a fun read love Rihanna style and this post was great! Thanks Again. I’ve tried that coconut water and it’s actually good. It’s weird at first but tastes normal after awhile!

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