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Well we feel like dancing every night but that’s not what we are on about (LoL). We are talking about ‘drum roll’ THE AMERIACN APPARREL DISCO PANTS!

It is a million looks in one, evening and daytime combined whatever you feel like that is why we are getting a piece of this in our ever growing clothes collection. (YIPEEEE ;-)) The disco pants is a form fitting high waisted stretch pants. It creates a faltering figure for all shapes. It definitely reminded us of the hot black outfit Sandy Olsen (played by Olivia Newton John) wore in grease in the last carnival scene. Which still makes us say ‘HOT CHICA!’

From the 80’s to now, we don’t see this trend ever dying, but how could one resist these FAB trousers. Let’s check out the disco pants and we will give you the fab info of where to purchase one from.

You can purchase this from asos at £70 and American apparel for £70 as well.

This gorgeous disco pants also comes in a variation of colours black, red, caramel, Imperial purple, Midnight Navy, Deep peacock and Charcoal.

We also can get these lovely trousers at a much lower price.

Now we are going to experiment on the various looks you can achieve with these amazing disco pants!

All black look

Casual look

Denim look

Smart evening look

WOW these looks are just simply gorgeous and you can recreate these looks with the different colours to match the different coloured disco pants.

Let’s check out the celebs that have rocked out in these HOT DISCO PANTS.

How can we not love these looks, so edgy and cool! TWINS APPROVAL WE LOVE <3.

Let us know other versatile ways to wear the HOT DISCO PANTS ;-).

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx Mwah




It existed in society before we can remember and returned in the 80’s, but it has finally arrived to the new era with a modern day FLARE. Ladies and gentlemen we are talking about the trend PEPLUM! It allows you to feel conscious free and merry in this year’s spring/summer and the best thing is you are STILL ON TREND ;-).

Fashion has improved its versatility once again, the Peplum trend can be worn for a night out, to the office, for a dinner celebration and so on. The options are endless! It is undoubtedly a feminine touch to pieces. The touch of the design will allow your waist to appear smaller and emphasize on all your right curves, BRILLIANT without doing all the hard work.


Can’t wait to see the beautiful pieces from the catwalk and the high streets EXCITED:

Peplum Dresses Catwalks

Peplum Dresses High street

Peplum Tops Catwalks

Peplum Tops High street

More Peplum Catwalks

More Peplum High street

Celebs in Peplum ;-)!

WOOOOWWW TWINS APPROVAL WE LOVE ALL LOOKS <3. The peplum honestly does raise up the stakes in fashion and definitely gives that feminine touch, which all the celebs demonstrate in their looks. Sex appeal is there but in a classy mannerism.

As Coco Chanel said  – A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous.

We’ve given a variety of looks, however the market is going crazy for PEPLUM (even detachable pieces) this is just a few examples there are many more in the world of PEPLUM. The only thing left is to feel CLASSY AND FABULOUS! ;-D.

BTW we’ve missed our beautifuls had a few hectic days but we’re still here ;-)!

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah


Footwear oh the bother…

Footwear is where it all begins haven’t you ever heard of this saying;

“The beautiful rests on the foundations of the necessary” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well it’s basically the same thing replacing foundation with ‘gorgeous footwear’ LOL…

We have done allot of researching, googling ‘ohing and ahhing’ 😀 at the most gorgeous trends out right now for the fab fashionistas to strut their stuff!!  Some shoes you’re about to view are very elaborate, glamorous and totally sexy, the others seem to fit into the comfortability factor rather than the look.  The shoe trends have indicated that killer high heels are bang on trend as well as the beloved platforms!!!! Enough talking let’s get straight to it, because only you can decide what trends you loooovvvveee!!!!!

SS12 Shoe Trend…

#1 Transparent Shoe’s

#2 Sci Fi

#3 Olympia

#4 Fruit & Flora

#5 Minimal

#6 Pool Flats

#7 Naturalised

#8 Ultra Girly

#9 Underwater

#10 Animalia

#11 Cartoon

#12 Wedge

We hope all these trends has inspired you for the summer, there are so many options and we encourage you to EXPERIMENT!!! You’ll have fun Trust Us!!! ;-D….

If you’re still feeling stumped/ stuck …. FEAR NOOT we still have yet to show you great affordable bargains which falls bang on TREND!!!!  :-D…

Next on the agenda will be bags, jewellery, scarves etc…

See You Soon…As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah.

Summer has arrived…

well maybe just a glimpse of what our Olympic summer will be like.

HOT, HOT, HOT and I’m not talking about the sun this weekend the fashion trends that I have been seeing expresses Londoners are clearly bang on trend!!!

Alot of candy pastels palettes, bright vibrant candy colours were worn as London welcomed the beautiful sun this weekend. Tribal and floral prints were popular which is versatile for so many people regardless of the shapes. Let’s look at what inspired these glorious day time looks.

Day time Looks:

(left to right) Jonathan Saunders, Nicole Farhi and Mulberry (SS12) clearly shows bold colours make a bold statement this spring summer. This look is perfect and doesn’t need to be dramatised with so much accessories.

Achieving these looks at affordable prices.

(left to right) Acne, Henry Holland and Topshop unique (SS12) sexed up the catwalk, with this super edgy look. The look complimented with high waisted skirts and long shorts. This look is definitely versatile and can be worn both as a daytime and nightime look.

Achieving these looks at affordable prices.

(left to right) Erdem, Valentino, Miu Miu, Elie Saab Couture and Giambattista valli. Lace is always a designers favourite. It was featured alot in collections as one pieces and separate pieces. Lace is versatile and can be worn colourful its suitable to everyone’s taste and can be easily combined with other trends we have viewed. It is a must have piece in everyone’s wardrobe.

Achieving these looks at affordable prices.

All these designs can be combined together but it should already be getting you excited for summer. So many designs so many styles, but with the right information given it should be easy to put these pieces together.

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah