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It existed in society before we can remember and returned in the 80’s, but it has finally arrived to the new era with a modern day FLARE. Ladies and gentlemen we are talking about the trend PEPLUM! It allows you to feel conscious free and merry in this year’s spring/summer and the best thing is you are STILL ON TREND ;-).

Fashion has improved its versatility once again, the Peplum trend can be worn for a night out, to the office, for a dinner celebration and so on. The options are endless! It is undoubtedly a feminine touch to pieces. The touch of the design will allow your waist to appear smaller and emphasize on all your right curves, BRILLIANT without doing all the hard work.


Can’t wait to see the beautiful pieces from the catwalk and the high streets EXCITED:

Peplum Dresses Catwalks

Peplum Dresses High street

Peplum Tops Catwalks

Peplum Tops High street

More Peplum Catwalks

More Peplum High street

Celebs in Peplum ;-)!

WOOOOWWW TWINS APPROVAL WE LOVE ALL LOOKS <3. The peplum honestly does raise up the stakes in fashion and definitely gives that feminine touch, which all the celebs demonstrate in their looks. Sex appeal is there but in a classy mannerism.

As Coco Chanel said  – A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous.

We’ve given a variety of looks, however the market is going crazy for PEPLUM (even detachable pieces) this is just a few examples there are many more in the world of PEPLUM. The only thing left is to feel CLASSY AND FABULOUS! ;-D.

BTW we’ve missed our beautifuls had a few hectic days but we’re still here ;-)!

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah




‘Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.’ Coco Chanel


We have been obsessed with vintage accessories at the age of 11 when our mum showed us a pair of beautiful classic vintage earrings. From that day OBSESSED wouldn’t be able to describe our infatuation with the collection.

We feel that every girl must own a piece regardless their generation, it’s a classic everlasting piece. Coco Chanel stood for women all over the world that’s why her pieces are so relatable on a huge scale, not all designers can achieve this level. The year of her ‘out of the world’ costume jewellery 1930’s, it definitely took hold of the women in that era as so many French women were engulfed in her fabulous pieces. Her pieces were always a statement, the boldness in the jewellery representing strength of women and the simple designs representing the classy women. PURELY DIVINE. Her pieces definitely make you want to jump back into her era.

Her popular pieces always tended to be antique gold designs, chains, faux pearls it is still surreal and timeless. To get a piece of her lavish classics will cost you a bit more in the present times averaging around £1000 depending the piece (you can still get some pieces lower than a £1000). We will give you the links of websites that proof check the authenticity of the Chanel jewellery, to ensure you are still getting a real memory of Coco Chanel.

Let us have a look at some of Coco’s timeless pieces:

Chanel Vintage Jewellery – golden 1994 MOP bangle £1,518


Chanel Vintage Jewellery – golden Chanel pendant necklace


1970’s Vintage Chanel Faux Pearl Earrings £195


1980’s Vintage Chanel Elegant Pendant £995



There are more pieces available at these websites: Susan Caplan and Stylebop.com

(BTW always ensure verification of the pieces if buying it on your own on other websites)


Celebs rocking Vintage Chanel

Hope to have shared our love for Chanel to other lovers of Chanel Vintage, also let us know of anymore great Chanel classic pieces in the comment box below. We would love to know more places to get them from ;-).

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah


Charlize Theron looked like a shimmery mermaid, with the most natural makeup, her beauty definitely glowed at the premiere. Last night was the premiere of Prometheus in London Leicester Square in which stars in. The sequined midnight blue dress glowed on her skin, exaggerating her glow. The dress was a piece from Christian Dior Couture, who played on the underwater feel. She looked very alluring in the strapless mini, PERFECTION.

We agree with the choices of accessories being minimalistic, so that it won’t be too distracting of her. She effortlessly looks gorgeous almost like an illusion. She wore simple strappy black heels by Dior. With a simple bangle and cocktail ring and diamond studs just to complete the look. The dress also unveiled a hint of her leg with that magical split, absolutely RAVISHING. THUMBS UP CHARLIZE WE LOVE <3.

Recreating her look

Also in attendance was;

Naomi Rapace

She looked stunning in her all black sequined gown, she also stars in the movie which I am excited to see.

Salma Hayek

She accessorized this gorgeous purple embellished gown with a deep purple clutch and matching shoes. The look was great in terms of colour we loved it.


The premiere looks was so gorgeous and don’t forget to watch the film Prometheus which we have been anticipating for a while. TWINS LOVE <3! Just keeping our beautifuls updated with what’s going on, have a lovely day guys ;-).

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah




Accessories is ultimately the finishing touch to a piece, it makes people understand the message you are giving out through your outfit. It doesn’t only reflect a women’s style but your mood as well. That’s why it’s fundamental to select the right pieces of accessories to match your outfit and your mood.

But the vital key thing in making your look work is YOU ;-)!

We’re going to investigate the trends in which the catwalk brought to us this spring summer 2012, and also see whether celebs are rocking the current trend…CAN’T WAIT!

We love accessories without it on we ultimately will feel NAKED (LOL), hence the title of this post ‘GOING BANANAS FOR SOME ACCESSORIES’.

Let’s peep on some of the trends going on in fashion:

Floral Fantasy

The floral designs has definitely hijacked the runway and has now infected accessories YAAYYY ;-). Zac Posen, Mackage and Anna Sui are examples of how the designers effectively portrayed the floral accessories in their pieces. It’s great because the floral designs are very artistic and many designers composed the floral trend into their pieces it was very POPULAR. It gives you that feeling of walking in a field full of daisies, such a feminine touch pure BLISS.

Let’s see what the high street has for us 😉

We still will be able to sport this floral fantasy, because this look is available in our high street stores, Yaayyy ;-). Our favourite is the gold antique flower ring, SO LUSH!



The underwater theme was very popular on the catwalks and we can see why, the neutral feeling it gives is just unbelievable. This will suit a person who would want to stay relaxed and mellow all day, as the pieces is delicate, simple and soothing definitely gives you the underwater feel. Some designs replicated shells from the sea Like the Chanel necklace and clutch. Our favourite was Joy Cioci who executed the accessories to perfection, just brilliant!

Let’s see if we can find the underwater theme in our HOT shops;

We even love these pieces a little more, it is has a neutral feel to it very relaxing. WE LOVE <3. High street really replicated the underwater feeling very well. We couldn’t pick one favourite it was just too hard, so joint first is the pieces lisbeth bangles and the tear drop pendant, we’re ordering this ASAP!



Ethnic jewellery is gorgeous it always has a story to tell, if it’s not colourful, it’s wooden carved to perfection. It’s filled with so much culture and that’s how some of the designers were inspired through their travels around the world. An ethnic accessory will not disappoint as it will match so many pieces in your wardrobe or even bring it to life. Fantastic!

These designers Michael Kors, Mara Hoffman and Douglas Hannant executed their African inspirations well.

We’re just dying to see the ethnic pieces in the high street….CAN’T WAIT

Beautiful pieces that we saw online just great designs, with an afrocentric feel to it, we loved the vibrant colours which will instantly brighten and bring character to your outfit. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! It speaks for itself.


Layered Necklace

Necklaces worn in many layers are just brilliant, we always loved buying multi layer necklaces, to us it felt like more value for money. Tory Burch and Oscar de la Renta all executed layered necklaces and it looks so CHIC! One of our favourite pieces because you can wear it with almost anything. You could possibly wear different colours necklaces and match it, which will definitely brighten up your look.

Especially in our teens we were addicted to layered necklaces so were glad it’s back, it’s so CHIC ;-). Let see what the shops got in store for us.

So many options and variations to choose from, we absolutely love this and our favourite is the multi row pearl necklace, TWINS APPROVAL <3.



We love how the accessories does all the talking for each celeb, looks absolutely LUSH. (Really want a pair of Adrienne earrings!) We loved bringing you these new wonderful ideas to spice up your wardrobe.

Don’t forget the vital key thing in making your look work is YOU ;-)!

So as always stay loyal our Beautifuls xxxx mwah


Yes we are talking about that bohemian, free spirit look. Head jewellery! Head Jewellery has existed in our world for a long time, it was often worn as a sentimental piece. Really expressing affection of loved ones, as it was given as a token of affection. Sometimes it was a reminder of a loved one who passed away, AWWW HOW SWEET :-). This does explain why this look gives a free spirit feel. It is a beautifully designed piece of jewellery that shows a delicate touch of an individual.

The Asian community still use it alot in many of their lavish events. But quite a bit more celebrities have been spotted sporting this look for a while and can we say WE LOVE IT. It’s different, unique on each person it’s a creative expression which will definitely make you stand out.


Rhianna was spotted recently in London sporting the head piece look on the 19th May at Jay Z’s manager Ty Ty’s 40th birthday bash. She looked beautiful in her silver piece head wear which went well with her all black outfit.

We just loved this look so we searched for where you could get a similar head piece like Rhianna’s.

Here are the links to the website (Left to right)

Bohemian Crystal summer Gold 3-way Head chainPlatinum Linkz, and Jane Headpiece.

Hope these pieces satisfy your thirst ;-).

Alicia Keys

Alicia keys was spotted on March 6th at the Paris Fashion week looking exceptional at the Chanel Read-to-wear runway. The head piece speaks for itself, so her other accessories was minimalistic which complimented her black outfit. WE LOVE <3.

We just loved this look go Alicia.;-) let’s have a look at similar pieces:

Here are the links to the website (left to right)

Faux Pearl Austrian crystal amienette headpiece, Queen of Diamond, Morona, and Circular Target rainbow Austrian crystal amienette headpiece   


Nicole Richie

The boho chic looked exceptional last year September 8th at the Fashion’s Night Out event at Beverly Center in LA. This look was effortless to perfection, she matched the sparkling headpiece with her relaxed blond waves and simplistic makeup. Just utter LUSH ;-).

Let’s see if we can replicate Nicole’s look.

Here are the links to the website (left to right)

Rainbow silver Austrian crystal loop headpiece, The Movie star headband, Gold Digger, and Austrian crystal chunky silver headpiece

WOW great pieces!

Other celebs spotted rocking this boho chic look:

We utterly love this look, you can rock it almost anywhere like; a summer’s day out, events at night, at a wedding and at the beach the options are endless.

Let us know other fun places you could rock the headpieces at in the comment box below ;-).

BTW! Our hot favourite website for headpieces is http://www.lullabellz.com/ it has so many options at great prices!

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah.


Fashion was out at full force last night at London’s Berkeley Square Gardens, where all the fabulous women of show business unite to celebrate each other’s success. (GO GIRL POWER) Honestly the red carpet last night definitely delivered.

Let’s have a look at our hot 3 favourite pieces on the red carpet:

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba looked sensational and it is evident that motherhood is having great effects on her. She looked beautifully on trend with hints of lace on her gown, with sexy ruffled straps making this dress a winner. If you are looking for simplicity and still want to be on trend this look is ideal.

These dresses are gorgeous if you are going for simplicity like Jessica Alba. The black dress has a hint of lace, still bringing a hint of sex appeal and classiness entwined together. Also the white and black dress also oozes sex appeal with a gorgeous combination of lace. These designs offer the lace trend at a smaller dose.

Amanda Holden

She looked exceptional in her head to toe white floral lace gown, by Azagury.  She finished the look with a pair of chunky Nicholas Kirkwood heels. This look delivers us a gorgeous pretty feel, thumbs up Amanda. We are also delighted for her as she won the theatre actress award for her role as Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical.

These gorgeous pieces from Lipsy gives the pretty vibe feeling Amanda had on the red carpet. These dresses are definitely a winner, since it certifies the lace trend. Brilliant pieces that we couldn’t resist sharing with our beautifuls. One piece is a figure hugging white lace gown with an addition of frills and the other piece is a flared floral lace gown. So here we gave you different options to carry of Amanda’s pretty look ;-).

But the ultimate winner on the red carpet last night has to be Kelly Rowland, well done Girl ;-).

Representing once again for beautiful women all over the world was Kelly Rowland who exemplified a strong confident woman in this gorgeous gown. The halter neck gown was just breath taking with its gorgeous floral print at the back. She looked as silky as the gown by Maria Grachvogel, just wonderful. Also well done to Kelly for winning the award for TV personality of the year, GO GIRL ;-).

This piece is gorgeous; it will flow and glide as you walk definitely keeping the attention on you. The gorgeous print leaving you with a feel of summer breeze. The style is quite similar to Kelly’s dress so you know it is a winner.

Here are some other hot looks of the night, just glamtastic!

What a great night so much fashion, smiles just purely positive. Keep it up girls WE ROCK!

Let us know who you felt was the HOT look of the night in the comments box below, because there was just so many great looks to choose from.

As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah.

Footwear oh the bother…

Footwear is where it all begins haven’t you ever heard of this saying;

“The beautiful rests on the foundations of the necessary” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well it’s basically the same thing replacing foundation with ‘gorgeous footwear’ LOL…

We have done allot of researching, googling ‘ohing and ahhing’ 😀 at the most gorgeous trends out right now for the fab fashionistas to strut their stuff!!  Some shoes you’re about to view are very elaborate, glamorous and totally sexy, the others seem to fit into the comfortability factor rather than the look.  The shoe trends have indicated that killer high heels are bang on trend as well as the beloved platforms!!!! Enough talking let’s get straight to it, because only you can decide what trends you loooovvvveee!!!!!

SS12 Shoe Trend…

#1 Transparent Shoe’s

#2 Sci Fi

#3 Olympia

#4 Fruit & Flora

#5 Minimal

#6 Pool Flats

#7 Naturalised

#8 Ultra Girly

#9 Underwater

#10 Animalia

#11 Cartoon

#12 Wedge

We hope all these trends has inspired you for the summer, there are so many options and we encourage you to EXPERIMENT!!! You’ll have fun Trust Us!!! ;-D….

If you’re still feeling stumped/ stuck …. FEAR NOOT we still have yet to show you great affordable bargains which falls bang on TREND!!!!  :-D…

Next on the agenda will be bags, jewellery, scarves etc…

See You Soon…As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah.