Accessories is ultimately the finishing touch to a piece, it makes people understand the message you are giving out through your outfit. It doesn’t only reflect a women’s style but your mood as well. That’s why it’s fundamental to select the right pieces of accessories to match your outfit and your mood.

But the vital key thing in making your look work is YOU ;-)!

We’re going to investigate the trends in which the catwalk brought to us this spring summer 2012, and also see whether celebs are rocking the current trend…CAN’T WAIT!

We love accessories without it on we ultimately will feel NAKED (LOL), hence the title of this post ‘GOING BANANAS FOR SOME ACCESSORIES’.

Let’s peep on some of the trends going on in fashion:

Floral Fantasy

The floral designs has definitely hijacked the runway and has now infected accessories YAAYYY ;-). Zac Posen, Mackage and Anna Sui are examples of how the designers effectively portrayed the floral accessories in their pieces. It’s great because the floral designs are very artistic and many designers composed the floral trend into their pieces it was very POPULAR. It gives you that feeling of walking in a field full of daisies, such a feminine touch pure BLISS.

Let’s see what the high street has for us 😉

We still will be able to sport this floral fantasy, because this look is available in our high street stores, Yaayyy ;-). Our favourite is the gold antique flower ring, SO LUSH!



The underwater theme was very popular on the catwalks and we can see why, the neutral feeling it gives is just unbelievable. This will suit a person who would want to stay relaxed and mellow all day, as the pieces is delicate, simple and soothing definitely gives you the underwater feel. Some designs replicated shells from the sea Like the Chanel necklace and clutch. Our favourite was Joy Cioci who executed the accessories to perfection, just brilliant!

Let’s see if we can find the underwater theme in our HOT shops;

We even love these pieces a little more, it is has a neutral feel to it very relaxing. WE LOVE <3. High street really replicated the underwater feeling very well. We couldn’t pick one favourite it was just too hard, so joint first is the pieces lisbeth bangles and the tear drop pendant, we’re ordering this ASAP!



Ethnic jewellery is gorgeous it always has a story to tell, if it’s not colourful, it’s wooden carved to perfection. It’s filled with so much culture and that’s how some of the designers were inspired through their travels around the world. An ethnic accessory will not disappoint as it will match so many pieces in your wardrobe or even bring it to life. Fantastic!

These designers Michael Kors, Mara Hoffman and Douglas Hannant executed their African inspirations well.

We’re just dying to see the ethnic pieces in the high street….CAN’T WAIT

Beautiful pieces that we saw online just great designs, with an afrocentric feel to it, we loved the vibrant colours which will instantly brighten and bring character to your outfit. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! It speaks for itself.


Layered Necklace

Necklaces worn in many layers are just brilliant, we always loved buying multi layer necklaces, to us it felt like more value for money. Tory Burch and Oscar de la Renta all executed layered necklaces and it looks so CHIC! One of our favourite pieces because you can wear it with almost anything. You could possibly wear different colours necklaces and match it, which will definitely brighten up your look.

Especially in our teens we were addicted to layered necklaces so were glad it’s back, it’s so CHIC ;-). Let see what the shops got in store for us.

So many options and variations to choose from, we absolutely love this and our favourite is the multi row pearl necklace, TWINS APPROVAL <3.



We love how the accessories does all the talking for each celeb, looks absolutely LUSH. (Really want a pair of Adrienne earrings!) We loved bringing you these new wonderful ideas to spice up your wardrobe.

Don’t forget the vital key thing in making your look work is YOU ;-)!

So as always stay loyal our Beautifuls xxxx mwah


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