Footwear oh the bother…

Footwear is where it all begins haven’t you ever heard of this saying;

“The beautiful rests on the foundations of the necessary” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well it’s basically the same thing replacing foundation with ‘gorgeous footwear’ LOL…

We have done allot of researching, googling ‘ohing and ahhing’ 😀 at the most gorgeous trends out right now for the fab fashionistas to strut their stuff!!  Some shoes you’re about to view are very elaborate, glamorous and totally sexy, the others seem to fit into the comfortability factor rather than the look.  The shoe trends have indicated that killer high heels are bang on trend as well as the beloved platforms!!!! Enough talking let’s get straight to it, because only you can decide what trends you loooovvvveee!!!!!

SS12 Shoe Trend…

#1 Transparent Shoe’s

#2 Sci Fi

#3 Olympia

#4 Fruit & Flora

#5 Minimal

#6 Pool Flats

#7 Naturalised

#8 Ultra Girly

#9 Underwater

#10 Animalia

#11 Cartoon

#12 Wedge

We hope all these trends has inspired you for the summer, there are so many options and we encourage you to EXPERIMENT!!! You’ll have fun Trust Us!!! ;-D….

If you’re still feeling stumped/ stuck …. FEAR NOOT we still have yet to show you great affordable bargains which falls bang on TREND!!!!  :-D…

Next on the agenda will be bags, jewellery, scarves etc…

See You Soon…As always stay loyal our beautifuls xxxx mwah.


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